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5 Inexpensive ways to bring spring vibes at home

April 04 2021 – Vasiliki Sigianni

5 Inexpensive ways to bring spring vibes at home

5 Inexpensive ways to bring spring vibes at home

Spring is such a beautiful season; the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and our mood changes for the better! This is the period we want something new, something fresh to leave the cold winter behind. What is better then than bringing blossomy vibes to the place we spend most of our time at?  Every year in April, it's like my ritual to make little changes at home, and I'd like to share those with you, too.


1. Fill your vases with flowers! You can buy fresh or dried flowers. Also, you can buy fresh flowers and then dried them on your own.
    Here's how: while the flowers are still fresh (4-5 days after you bought them), remove them from the water, remove the leaves, bind them and leave them hung in an upside-down position for a couple of days. Voilà!

    On the other hand, if you live in the province or the suburbs, you can always cut some daisies you may find around your neighborhood (shh..)!
    2. Change your couch's cushion covers to new ones with vibrant colors! You can mix and match colors or choose pillowcases with patterns of flowers.
    Cushion cover
    3. Along with the change of cushion covers, change the kitchen towels as well! If you spend a lot of time there, then a slight change will make a difference, and it won't cost you a fortune! 
    Kitchen towels
    4. Then you can give a fresh touch to the area you usually eat by changing your placemats! You can choose round or rectangular, monochromatic, or with patterns and natural materials such as woven rattan or linen. Your new placemats in combination with your fresh flowers in your dining area will be a nice change.
    5. The last change to bring spring vibes at home is to add to your place a flowery fragrance such as jasmine, neroli, or bergamot. It can be a new candle, a home spray, or a reed diffuser.
     reed diffuser

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