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  • 5 Inexpensive ways to bring spring vibes at home

    April 04 2021 – Vasiliki Sigianni

    5 Inexpensive ways to bring spring vibes at home

    Spring is such a beautiful season; the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and our mood changes for the better! This is the period we want something new, something fresh to leave the cold winter behind. What is better then than bringing blossomy vibes to the place we spend most of our time at?  Every year in April,...

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  • Dinning Table Decoration

    April 08 2020 – Vasiliki Sigianni

    5 tips to elevate your dinning table

    Hosting a dinner or not, eating in a well-decorated dining table with your family or just with your partner will make the atmosphere beautiful. Here's what you can do: - Put the tumbler and wine glass on the right - Roll one napkin or two with matching colors into a napkin ring - Put the cutlery in the right position...

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