Vasiliki Sigianni was born and raised in Ioannina in Northern Greece, a historical city with great art history and culture. The stimulation of the town itself was presented everywhere around her during childhood. She was raised in a bourgeois family with specific professional and financial targets. Her first academic option was architecture, which combined art & science. She started painting lessons with the world-famous Pavlo Vrelli, in addition to ceramic crafting lessons. Through Vrellis, Vasiliki utilized many different artistic expressions and learned unique techniques to use later in her own work. At the same time, Vasiliki started to become popular, and she had to move to Athens, the capital city of Greece, which was a great center to expand her ideas.
In this new environment, she met and followed the work of many famous artists such as N Xamandis, Vasilis Zenetzis, and Mixalis Oikonomidis, among others, which led her mind to other dimensions that were more in-depth and cleaner about the painting and handcrafting expressions she would like to create. Following her passion, Vasiliki started to gather broken pieces from destroyed houses, old trees, and even broken furniture and transformed them with her unique colorization into pieces of art, giving them life again.