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Vasiliki Sigianni is the artist behind Seayanni. She's a professional painter and an artist for over than 35 years. She lived most of her life in Athens, the capital city of Greece, working as a ceramist, painter, and designer. All these years, having worked in many projects, doing many exhibitions in art galleries, and supplying stores in Greece, Europe, and the USA, she decided to live a less stressful lifestyle and be closer to nature.

Six years ago, she moved to Crete and opened her atelier across the sea. She loves nature, and most of her creations are made of natural materials. Having her atelier close to the sea, it's the ideal environment for getting plenty of inspiration but for gathering natural materials for her creations as well.

When Vasiliki realized that most of her customers live abroad, the idea of came as an extension of her atelier; through her online store and with the help of her small team, she can make her creations available overseas effortlessly and fast.